Apr 25, 2015
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“San Andreas” star Alexandra Daddario has been cast in director William H. Macy‘s road trip sex comedy “The Layover,” multiple individuals familiar with the project have told TheWrap.

David Hornsby and Lance Krall wrote the script after previously collaborating on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

Keith Kjarval of Unified Pictures and Aaron L. Gilbert of Bron Studios are producing, while Macy’s“Rudderless” collaborator Patricia Cox will executive produce with Jason Cloth of Creative Wealth Media Finance.

Story follows two young girls who go on vacation, only to have their plane rerouted due to a hurricane. They wind up fighting over the same guy during an extended layover in St. Louis.

WME Global is selling worldwide distribution rights to the film, which is about to start production in Vancouver.

After co-starring on HBO’s “True Detective,” Daddario was cast as Dwayne “The Rock”Johnson’s daughter in the upcoming Warner Bros. tentpole “San Andreas.” She recently wrapped an adaptation of Nicholas Sparks‘ “The Choice” and will soon be seen in Joe Dante‘s horror comedy “Burying the Ex.”


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Jan 2, 2015

There is still no signs of any production for a Percy Jackson 3 despite the open ending 20th Century Fox gave to fans at the end of the second movie, The Sea of Monsters. Though there were rumors going around according to Hallels that a release date was set for October 2015, no confirmation from the studio was released about this or if there is a production green-lighted.

Though the first movie was successful, the second one was not which could be a big factor in pushing for the third installment’s production. It is also noted that there is no cast yet for the new characters to be introduced such as the di Angelo siblings (fans of the book will know who they are).
But time is not in the studio’s side, because if they are to retain Logan Lerman as the demigod Percy Jackson for future installments, his age will be way past the book’s character. On the third book, he is only 15 years old. The actor’s contract lasts up to the third movie. “If I was 30, sure I’d play Percy again.” He added though, “If we want to make a third one, I have to do it [because] I’m contractually obligated to three movies. I love those movies, they’re a lot of fun to make,” the 22-year-old shares with Hallels.
Alexandra Daddario tells Breathecast through an interview with the Associated Press that she is not convinced that the series is dead yet and is excited for any film that would follow. “I haven’t heard anything about [a third movie]. There could definitely be one, but I would be surprised. I would love to make one if they’d want me to.”
However, if one is to observe the order of the Percy Jackson movies, the third movie would be based on The Titan’s Curse.


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